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30.000 Ft feletti v谩s谩rl谩s eset茅n Magyarorsz谩gon INGYENES a sz谩ll铆t谩s!

Frequently Asked Questions

馃摎 General Information

How much is VAT added?
Our prices include 27% VAT added.

Delivery to multiple addresses and issuing multiple invoices:
For a single order, only one invoice is issued and delivered to one address. If you want to ship to multiple addresses or need multiple invoices, you must place separate orders.

馃挵Payment options:

Payment by credit card:
Payment by debit card is possible with VISA and MasterCard; transactions are processed through the Barion system, which also allows the use of Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Cash on delivery (domestic only):
There is an additional fee of HUF 300 for COD payments; both cash and credit card payments are possible.

What is Barion?
Barion is a secure, bank-independent online payment system that allows you to pay directly by credit card or top up your Barion balance.

馃殯 Delivery Information

Delivery charges within Hungary:

2,500 Ft for parcels under 5 kg (GLS),

2,300 Ft (GLS) for packages between 5-40 kg,

For packages up to 0-10 kg 1,990 Ft (Magyar Posta MPL),

10-20 kg 2,990 Ft (Magyar Posta MPL),

20-40 kg 5,990 Ft (Magyar Posta MPL).

Free delivery:

Domestic orders over HUF 30,000,

Orders over HUF 50,000 from abroad.

Delivery time:

Domestic: 3-4 days,

Abroad (Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Italy): 3-5 days, to Italy 5+ days.

馃摑 Billing

How do I receive the invoice?
The system automatically sends invoices electronically after the order is paid. If you pay cash by delivery, the invoice will arrive after this payment has been made. If you don’t find the invoice in your primary mailbox, it is also worth checking your spam or junk folders. We use the Billingo system for invoicing.

馃挕 Other Information

Damaged packages:
Check the package upon receipt and ask for a report if it is damaged. If the damage is damaged, please check the damage report.

Unaccepted parcels:
If returned parcels are not accepted, the customer pays the return shipping fee. Reshipment is possible after payment in advance.

Delivery abroad:
Overseas delivery is only available to private individuals in the indicated countries. Please check the additional costs (e.g., customs duties, and variable delivery charges) for the country before placing your order.

馃И Product mixing

What can we mix with what?

This is a frequently asked question, as no one likes to spray a lot, even when it comes to organic products. Danuba Garden recommends mixing only the products we recommend. It is worth taking into account where (soil or foliar) the product is recommended and the phenological (plant development) stage of the plant. The diagrams at the beginning and end of the booklet will help you with this. Some tips on the mixability of biological products:

1. Tricho Immune and Softguard should not be used at the same time because Softguard has an antifungal effect that inhibits the action of Tricho Immune. However, 2 weeks apart, Tricho Immun protects the plant from the inside and Softguard from the outside.

2. Any of these products can be applied in a mixture with Tricho Immune.

3. The combined use of Mikomax and Tricho Immune in the same place is not recommended. Instead, use Mikomax for planting and then spray with Tricho Immune once the plant is established and developing.

4. During the growing season, alternate applications of DanuVital Bio+ foliar fertiliser, Softguard or Ino Si are recommended.

馃棑锔 Shelf life, storage

What is the expiry date of a product?

The manufacturer’s shelf life is the guaranteed period of time from the date of manufacture for which the product is guaranteed to retain its quality. In the case of Danuba Garden products, this means that products with a shelf life of 36 months are guaranteed to stay for 36 months without opening, but they can still be good after that, given that they do not contain any perishable substances. Biological products, i.e. products containing fungi or bacteria (Tricho Immune, Mikomax, Ino Myc, Ino Bact N-Cell) have a shelf life of 18 months. This means that without opening, it will certainly contain the cell count guaranteed by the manufacturer for 18 months. After that, the cell count may slowly decrease over time, but the product may still be effective.

Why is storage after opening important?

Some products can be tightly closed after use and stored at room temperature e.g. Blackjak, Softguard, and DanuVital Bio+. Algae preparations (Kelpak, Asco Alga) should be tightly closed after opening and stored in a refrigerator until the next use because of their high content of organic matter, which makes them perishable. In the case of bacterial or fungal preparations, special care should be taken in storage after opening: the packaging should be tightly resealed and stored at room temperature or refrigerated. This precaution is necessary because the live cells can easily become supernatant to other fungi or bacteria or germinate when exposed to high humidity.