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30.000 Ft feletti vásárlás esetén Magyarországon INGYENES a szállítás!

Payment Information 

Our prices include 27% VAT

❗️Important! For one order, we can issue one invoice and deliver it to one address. If you require multiple addresses to be delivered and multiple invoices to be issued, you will need to place multiple orders. ❗️ 

💳 Paying with a bank card:

Our credit card payment is faster and easier for our customers, and can be made with VISA and MasterCard.

Credit card payments are made with Barion, which offers both Google Pay and Apple Pay options

  • What is Barion?
    Barion is a secure, bank-independent online payment system used by many. You can purchase directly from a credit card, or you can also pre-fill your Barion balance! If you want more information about this:


⏱️ Payment after you receive the package or “cash on delivery”:

If you choose to pay by cash or card on delivery, we will charge an additional fee of HUF 500, which will be automatically added to your shopping cart.


Important: If you pay after delivery, also referred to as “cash on delivery,” (regardless of the delivery costs or free delivery), 500 Forints will be charged. The maximum amount that can be paid with after-delivery payment is 500.000 Ft.

You can either pay with:

  • bank card

  • cash

In case of delivery outside Hungary, please check with the authorities of the country concerned before placing your order for possible additional costs (e.g. VAT, variable delivery charges). We can only accept non-Hungarian orders from private individuals.


Delivery information

Our prices include 27% VAT

We only offer home delivery, NO packet-points 

📦 Within HUNGARY: For all orders over 30.000 HUF, we provide you with FREE DELIVERY.

📦 Abroad: For all orders over 50.000 HUF, we provide you with FREE DELIVERY.

If the order includes items that are temporarily out of stock in our webshop due to high demand 😉 , the order will be shipped in one piece after the shortage has been received.

🚚 Home delivery: (within Hungary) → 3-4 days delivery time
For weights under 5 kg 2.500 HUF/package (GLS) (gross VAT included)
Between 5-40 kg 4.300 Ft/package (GLS) (VAT gross) delivery charge
Hungarian Post MPL
For home delivery: 0-10 kg gross HUF 1990/piece.
For home delivery: up to 10-20 kg gross 2990 Ft/piece.
For home delivery: up to 20-40 kg gross 5990 Ft/db.

🚚 For delivery abroad, only to the countries listed here, ONLY FOR PERSONAL DELIVERY: (the rates are the same as for domestic delivery)

Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania:
0-5 – 2.900 Ft
5 to 10 – 4.050 Ft
10-20 – 5.700 Ft
20-40 – 10.140 Ft

0-5 – 5.450 Ft
5-10 – 7.610 Ft
10-20 – 12.700 Ft
20-40 – 15.740 Ft

Round trip delivery time:

Slovakia (P) → 3-5 days delivery time
Romania (P) → 3-5 days delivery time
Slovenia GLS (P) → 3-5 days delivery time
Italy GLS (P) → 5+ days delivery time

📦 Please inspect your parcel upon receipt and ask for a report in case the products are damaged. We are not able to accept claims without a report.

📦 In the case of returned parcels that have not been accepted, the customer is charged the return shipping fee, and we can only resend the parcel if the parcel value is paid in advance!

📦 In case of non-Hungarian delivery (only for private persons), please check with the authorities of the country concerned before placing your order for any additional costs that may be incurred.

📦 For orders to foreign addresses (Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Italy only), which can only be made to a foreign private individual, the delivery fee will be automatically added by the system.

📦For more information, please see the Terms and Conditions document.