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30.000 Ft feletti vásárlás esetén Magyarországon INGYENES a szállítás!

If you are not logged in or do not have a USER account, please start with this:

Welcome! Here you can register as an offical reseller of Danuba Garden products

  1. Danuba Garden resellers step-by-step guide!

    1. If you don’t have a RESELLER account yet, please start with creating a USER ACCOUNT: 
    2. Then, the fastest way to become a Reseller Partner is to fill out our Reseller Registration Form (This form below).
    3. Enter your details, and our expert team will approve your application within 1-2 days.
    4. Please read carefully before completing the registration and, if you agree, accept our Terms and Conditions for Reseller Partners.
    5. If you already have a relationship with one of our consultant colleagues, please select the relevant colleague’s name from the list.
    6. If you don’t have one but would like us to support you professionally, don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists or choose one of our colleagues in your area (link). Thank you.
    7. Resellers’ registration is dependent on criteria checked by our specialist team. 


What do you get from this opportunity? 

      1. From now on, you can shop on our webshop as a reseller partner.
      2. This means that you no longer need to use coupons, as the Reseller prices will automatically be displayed to you when you order.
      3. The system will record your orders.
      4. Order placement can be even more straightforward. After logging in to your user account, use the convenient quick search function, which only requires the product’s name. The search box is next to the login icon in the top right corner.
      5. If you are a registered partner but have forgotten your login details or need assistance, please email


Thank you for joining our green community!
We recommend checking out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information!

Thank you for joining our green community!

If you encounter difficulties, the following video explains the reseller registration process step by step (in the video, the website is set to Hungarian, but the steps are identical)

After creating and logging into
your USER ACCOUNT refresh this
page and complete
the resellers' registration below!