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30.000 Ft feletti vásárlás esetén Magyarországon INGYENES a szállítás!

Green solutions
For our green friends

Are you a green finger (someone with a natural talent for gardening or growing plants)? Or are you a hobby gardener who enjoys caring for your house plants, garden, or vegetables? 

You are at the right place!

Let us help you make the right decision and offer green and sustainable gardening solutions!

Discover the green solutions that Danuba Garden provides!
Learn more about our innovative, organic and chemical-free products!

Watch this video with Miklós Szomoru from A Kertész Kertje, in which our colleagues Vera and István discuss the ingredients, effects, and uses of Danuba Garden products and chemical-free and organic gardening! (in Hungarian)

Listen to the podcast episode with RadioCafé 98.0, in which Istán Zajácz, Managing Director of Danuba Garden, discusses the future of sustainable agriculture and crop protection! (in Hungarian)

Get to know our biological and chemical-free substances!

Let us introduce you to 6 innovative and organic solutions: mycorrhiza mushrooms, Trichoderma mushrooms, beneficial bacteria (yes, there are such things), humus and seaweed, which we call just a mix of “bodybuilding protein shakes” for plants

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